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Leaning Panels

Rebekah Shearin from The Journey Fellowship in Albuquerque, NM brings us these leaning plexiglass panels.

They found beveled plexiglass panels in their loft that the previous church had left behind. So they thought they could put them to good use.

Each panel was about 1 foot wide and 9 feet long. They leaned them against the wall and put can lights behind them to light them up. They added a couple can lights on each side of the stage to light it up a little more. They bought some gel covers to have a wider variety of color lighting. They spent about $5 on the gel lights.

They added the title of their current sermon series, covering 6 of the panels. They used supplies we already had in the building to make the lettering.





JF stage design 001

JF stage design 002

JF stage design 003

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  1. Eden says:

    The concept is wonderfull and the ligtening is wow..good job.

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