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LED Tunnel

Jordan Greene from Atlanta, GA brings us this awesome LED space tunnel.

It’s a modular aluminum frame system that allows them to set up the frame in many different variations; some longer and some wider.

LED strips or fluorescent bulbs are used to light the portal, and they are looking to map the portal in the future.

It’s a rentable product that breaks down small enough to fit in a cargo van and assembles within a couple hours.

IMG_3473 IMG_3769 IMG_3929 IMG_3947 IMG_6304

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8 responses to “LED Tunnel”

  1. Glendale Matias says:


  2. Cameron says:

    Where can we rent this from?!

  3. I love this concept, a great work from a great men, I reilly reilly have interest, is there anyway I can get in touch whit You people I love to learn more

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