Stage Designs

Logo Boxes

Monte Bach from Westover Hills Assembly of God in San Antonio, TX brings us this cardboard box design.

From Monte: We had to come up with a post-Christmas stage design, but we had the challenge of two conferences on back-to-back weekends with little turnaround before Easter. The challenge was to come up with something all-purpose which we could modify for the conferences and for Resurrection weekend with little time and money.

We borrowed heavily from the Pixel Break Out design by Life Challenge in Odessa, TX. They had a space similar to our own, and we really liked the effect. We followed their plans pretty much exactly, but we didn’t trust the free-standing idea to last, so we used a LOT of hot glue and the final construction was pretty solid.

We only modified how the center section was done. The middle 15 feet or so had two solid rows of boxes on the bottom, and two more on top. We hot glued 1×2 wood strips to the top of the top section and suspended that section with safety cables and eye hooks attached to a bar behind the center screen.

The middle 5 rows of boxes were glued in manageable sections in rows of 2 or 3, that could be removed when the time came to insert something specific in the middle void. We started with a solid wall of boxes for the first two months, added foam “Stand Strong” letters for our Men’s Conference weekend, swapped those out for “Level Up” foam logo and graphics for our Family Conference weekend, then transitioned back to the solid wall until our Easter weekend, when we built an LED cross from Coroplast cubes (lots more hot glue there).

No one seems to have tired of this stage design, which normally happens about three months in, because we’ve been able to change the look with small modifications to the center void. We’re currently sporting a foam cutout of our church logo in that space.

Best of all, we’re well under our stage design budget for this point in the year.

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