Christmas Designs

Manger Frame

Christina MacDowell from Assembly Christian Center in New Iberia, LA brings us this Christmassy stage design.

They found inspiration for the front side trees from the design Rotating Christmas Sticks. They added white, silver, and champagne ornaments to them and topped them off with 2 starburst stars found at TJ Maxx Christmas decor.
The real trees were cut from their church property. They were previously used from their November stage design, but they de-leafed them and spray painted them white.

They ordered three 21″ Lighted Moravian Stars from Amazon for about $30 each and hung them above the nativity.

They bought the “God With Us” letters from Joann’s Craft Store and They were about $9 a letter and they spray painted them a brass color.

The nativity was built from 1×8 cedar planks from Lowe’s and was framed to look like a traditional creche.

They purchased the hanging beads from They ordered three Bag O’ Beads 150 ft. long in light gold. Then they cut 20 of them to the size they needed (10 in the back and 5 on each side) 18-20 ft. long each. To cut costs, they drilled holes and painted (3) 2×4’s black to hang the beads on. Then they attached the beads and secured them with duct tape at the top and also to the bottom on the platform and stage.

They put two Starry String lights in the manger. They were also purchased through Amazon for about $20 each.









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