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John from Christian Family Church in Sarasota, Florida brings us yet another great use of Coroplast.

To create this set they cut shapes out of a 4×8 sheet of white Coroplast. Then they hung the pieces with black twine. For the center, text section, they actually cut the words out of the Coroplast using a razor blade.

They spent less than $50 on the entire design.

Plastic Wrap Target the Drummer!

9 responses to “Momentum”

  1. Angel says:

    Aside From Coroplast…Because which I think is not available here in the Philippines Specifically on our Region, what would be the best Material Similar on this one to get the same effects? like paint, Paper or etc…Please Really need Help for our Stage design this Comming June 2

  2. Ryan VanMatre says:

    How many pieces of coroplast did you use and what kind (how think, etc.)? Also what kind of
    Led lighting and how many did you need?

  3. Chris says:

    where do you buy coroplast from?

  4. Fred Hoagland says:

    Can you provide me with a look behind the scenes, I am having trouble visualizing how you made this, I have worked with Coroplast on 2 other Stage scenes and need to know how you made your dark lines for the squares, Tape, dark paper? You stated it was hung by dark twine, How did you close off the sides for light escaping, I am building similar with different caption word and need your ideas, thanks for any help you can give….Fred

    • Fred Hoagland says:

      I am starting to understand how you made this by enlarging pic # 2…It is on a black background lit from front, correct?

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