Stage Designs


Austin Thomas from Real Life Church in Mechanicsville, Maryland brings us this great use of layers.

This was made with Coroplast sheets, fishing line, LED strips and LED bars. There were 8 LED bars on the back layer and LED strips on the smaller squares lighting the middle layer.

Austin designed this in Sketchup to have a parallax effect so that the design looks different depending on what angle you’re looking at it from.

He cut the 4’x8′ corrugated sheets in half for the larger squares and in quarters for the small squares. He hung the back layer of squares based on measurements, then just eyed the next layer on top of that. To stabilize everything, he got the corner of the bottom squares so that it could be folded back and taped to the stage as an anchor. He tied the corners of the upper squares to the anchor which kept them all straight.

He used PVC pipe to run the wire and hold the small squares with LED strips attached to them. He didn’t want to have to solder the corners together or spend money on corner clips, so he just bent the corners out.

He had to put another small square on top of the small squares with the sandwiched side painted black to stop light from bleeding through the front.

He used three 24-channel DMX decoders so that each of the small squares was individually controllable, and QLC+ to set them up as an LED array and drive the animations.

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