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Patterned PVC

James Felver and Micah Jacobsen from Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas brings us this PVC pipe stage design.

They used around 1000 feet of PVC pipe. Uplights were Blizzards and Colorado Tours. Each pipe needed a few coats of flat white spray paint. They used stage tieline to suspend the pipes from each other.

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Curvature Widened

33 responses to “Patterned PVC”

  1. Love how that looks. Is that 2″ PVC?

  2. Jane says:

    What did you use to tie the PVC pipes together?

  3. Bob Vandervliet says:

    If it’s written here somewhere, I can’t find it. How much was all the PVC piping?

  4. Ryan Nichols says:

    What kind/brand of paint did you use and did you do any prep to the pvc? I know PVC is almost impossible to get paint to stick to.

  5. Ryan Nichols says:

    What kind/brand of paint did you use and did you do any prep to the pvc? I know PVC is almost impossible to get paint to stick to.

    • Hi Ryan. All of the PVC I bought from home depot had writing down the side so I had to cover it. I wiped each pipe with some shop towels. I also covered each piece of PVC with at least one quick coat of Flat White so the would not be as reflective. The Paint had no problem sticking, it was also sitting out in the Sun at about 95 degrees, so it didn’t take long to dry. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I forgot to select “notify me of follow up comment” (My first time using the site!) thanks – Micah

  6. Craig Moore says:

    What was the purpose of painting the PVC? Its already white? I assume it has something to do with how the light responds to the PVC.

  7. Jon says:

    Hey, Micah. Looks great! Was there a system that you used in how far apart your rows were?

  8. Ken Russell says:

    That looks amazing!

  9. Ty Maier says:

    Love this! We want to do this on our ceiling. How did you hang them?

  10. Dewet says:

    What do you use and how to light up the pipes?

  11. Priscilla says:


    I am from a portable church in California. From your knowledge of the weight of this, if we used a frame, what kind of material would you recommend?

  12. Aashna says:

    Hi, loved the design and how it brightens the stage!
    Just wanted to ask, you suspended spray painted PVC pipes using Tie Line, and then placed an LED light just below them to make them light up? Please reply asap, thanks!

    • Micah Jacobsen says:

      Hi! Micah here: yes, that’s exactly what we did. We Used flat white spray paint because we didn’t want the PVC too glossy and reflective, also to cover up and imperfections and lettering! We made the know inside the pipe, to hide excess string in case we needed to raise and lower each pipe. Apologies on the delay replying

  13. Vamos fazer isso em um auditorio em nossa igreja no Brasil
    amei é muito facil e creio que ficara lindo!

  14. Sharon says:

    Could someone please tell me how many inches between each pipe?

  15. What is the length between the pipes?

  16. Kevin Alexander says:

    How did you connect the tie line to the ceiling ?

  17. Rick Smith says:

    We are looking at doing the same thing but were amazed at the cost. So, you have 1 foot between pipes ? What do you think the effect would be if we ripped pipes in half with a table saw, and then hung them ?

    Thanks for the how-to !

    • Rick Smith says:

      The other idea we had was to not cut and stagger but wrap them in gaffe or electrical tape to give the illusion of blank space…

      Also, considering lighting from behind with LED Tape…

  18. Jake Holmes says:

    What length did you cut the PVC down to? I’m guessing you bought 10 foot sticks.

  19. Derick says:

    How did you light the pipes?

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