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Peeking Lights

Cody Knott from Impact Church in Lowell, Michigan brings us this alternative take on the pallet design look.

From Cody: For our “Through the Roof” campaign series our programming team came up with a rustic depth dimensional look to fit the culture of our church. Barn wood has been in for a couple years now and since we live in a rural farming community we thought it would be best to fit our church culture and community with a warm feeling to barn wood. And it turned out great!

The barn wood was donated to our church to use for the set design. First we painted the Drywalls underneath the wood a flat white to bounce the Led lights. Then we screwed in furring strips 16″ a part to the existing studs behind the wall for more support of the heavy barn wood. Before screwing in the barn wood we bought 600 feet of LED tubing that snakes around the furring strips. I connected the 600ft of LED tubing to 4 different dimming circuits that I can control with our Jands Vista board in the booth. During worship we can control these lights to dim, react to what the band is doing and overall creates a really cool depth that makes the room look bigger. I also have 16 ADJ RGBA Mega bars that line the walls for cool uplighting and changes colors for different scenes during worship and teachings.

The 600 feet of LED lights were $260.

The barn wood was donated for church use for about 18 months.

6 gallons of white paint was about $240.

And the 16 ADJ bars are $120 a piece.

Our programming team is so thrilled about this design and our community was in awe when they walked in for worship this past weekend.









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3 responses to “Peeking Lights”

  1. Maurio says:

    This is amazing! Visually stunning.

  2. Joe Vercellino says:

    Amazing design skills, this church is lucky to have Cody Knott!

  3. Heather Lynn says:

    Doing design work for my church’s stage. Definitely going to pull from Cody’s creativity.

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