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Pizza Box Stage Design

Freddy Kanyiki from Gospel Ramah Church in Cape Town, South Africa brings us this stage design incorporating pizza boxes.

To create this set, they used medium pizza boxes that they spray painted and fit onto the wall stage. To get the proper alignment, they used fishing line to create a layout and center their boxes with the intersecting lines. They rotates the boxes so they’d be a diamond shape.

They had to drill a little bit into the walls so they could screw the boxes onto the walls.









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9 responses to “Pizza Box Stage Design”

  1. Paul spokes says:

    Very creative, with a low budget you can do more. let him be blessed

  2. Hyasev says:

    Started that night as a joke but the idea was behind every touch.
    Touch of designers.
    Well done. Blessings

  3. Cynthia wala says:

    Brilliant idea, more inspirations and blessings to him.

  4. natacha says:

    wow what an inspiration,well done proud of u.keep up. may lord bless you lion kanyiki

  5. Obrutu Roseline says:


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