Stage Designs

Portable Blocks

Liz Sinchok from Ashland Grace Brethren Church in Ashland, OH brings us this portable wall of blocks.

Due to sharing their space with other ministries at their Church, they have to have a completely portable stage setup for every Sunday morning. They recently moved the worship team off of the stage and so needed something to fill the stage so it didn’t look too empty and school-gym-resembling. They ended up finding this stage prop idea, but altered it a bit to be easily moved and stored.
They ordered white corrugated cardboard 24″X 24″ boxes off (free shipping because of our Prime account). They ordered 30 in total, but only used 22 for this particular design.

Instead of taping and cutting them every Sunday, they got the idea to use Velcro on the corners of each box for easy disassembling.

Then they lit them with different colored LED lights. Their future plans include creating a big wall of blocks to project on.






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