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Trevor Gray from Real Life in Austin, TX brings us this portable LED panel design, with full info on how to recreate it.

These LED panels were design for their portable church. The panels were designed to fold in half and roll out on a trust stand.

Check out this PDF file with all the details and links for the project.




Walkin' on Sunshine Mapped Out

8 responses to “PortabLED”

  1. Matt says:

    Did you use anything to diffuse the led strips? It looks like they are diffused in the pictures so that you don’t see each individual led. Great design and I dig!

    • Trevor says:

      No diffusion. That’s just the natural light from the strips.

      • Matt says:

        When you’re standing there does it look like that, or does it show each individual led? Also, are you using any haze? Thanks for the reply!

        • Trevor says:

          No haze here. The second photo has a little blur to it so it won’t look like that, but the other two are pretty accurate to what you’d see. From about 50′ away, you can’t see pixels at any brightness, but as you get closer and dimmer they start to stand out. But they’re still close enough to where it looks good no matter what. You can find different variations of led tape. Some are closer, some have a chip between each node group and you can individually control the pixels. The ones that are linked in the instructions were the best for our setting. Weren’t looking for anything too crazy, but wanted a nice effect.

  2. Trevour Wiltshire says:

    Hey, what work best for you for mounting the LED strips?

    Thanks Trevour W.

  3. Miles says:

    How did you end up setting up the DMX for these lights? Did you get them to work with a light software, if so which one?

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