Stage Designs

Project: Banners

Aidan Ashby for the Alive Festival at the Northampton Jesus Centre brings us these projected banners.They started by adding some symmetrical hanging banners (3 either side of the main screen) which they projected onto. They  also tried live video on the banners, using a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card (HDMI in from the video mixer), and routing the feed through Resolume Arena, with some outline effects added.

They also created some footage to project before each event to set the scene, and to showcase the people from the church.

Technical info:
2x Christie LX605 projectors
Drapes: 5 foot wide. 22, 16, 10 foot high
Resolume Arena software (with masking and keystoning on a 2160 x 1152 composition)
Blackmagic Intensity Pro card for HDMI in
Content created in After Effects CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, and Cinema 4D (R13)






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