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Project: Mosaic

Steven Hall from Northland Church in Longwood, Florida brings us this multi-screen projection masking design.

For their Battle of the Bands they wanted a clean look with multiple screens that tied in together. So they started by sketching the stage and adding squares randomly until they found a design that looked beautiful.

Then they built the frames out of 2x4s that they precut and painted white. Then they covered the frames with white muslin. They spend about $200 on lumber and $200 on fabric. They used 120″ White Muslin to cover their frames (widest frame was 10′). They got the fabric at Joann’s Fabric. (Make sure to search for coupons. They got their fabric for half price.)

They used staples to attach the fabric and taped the edges to keep them clean. They added self tapping eye hooks to fly the screens from. Then they hung the screens from their upstage truss with safeties and heavy duty carabiners. Their crew of 4 people spent a day cutting, painting, and building the frames and a second day covering them with fabric and hanging them.

They used two DL-2s to “light” the set. The entire setup process for the projectors can be seen at:

WFX Winners Tubes and Amps

9 responses to “Project: Mosaic”

  1. Michael Byrd says:

    Awesome concept! I love the way the video and lighting consistently compliment each other.. Great looks here guys.

  2. Duane dodge says:

    What software do you use to make projector maskes
    We use easy worship I don’t think it has that option

  3. Aryan Wallwork says:


    How many projectors did you use for this set up? and what kind were they?

  4. Mike Fowler says:

    Looks great! Two questions:
    1) What lighting console were you using?
    2) Any triple head to go’s or anything for projection involved or is it just 1 powerful projector?

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