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Purple Spread

Drew Hoopingarner from Southport Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN brings us this whole wall transformation.

They decided to drape the whole front wall of their worship center. They rented 22- 22′ ivory fabric panels to cover the whole wall. They put the fabric on metal pipes and created a ledge using nails to set the pipes on (that way the nails could stay up and if they decide to put the drapes back up the nails will already be there). Then they rented LED light bars to uplight all the way across the front in purple.

They also brought 12 palm trees and about 100 Easter flowers including tulips, daffodils, lilies, and hydrangeas. They placed them behind the choir loft to create a wall of flowers and greenery.

They also had a graphic designer design 2 sets of banners that went together to hang on the fabric on either side of the choir loft to tie in their theme of the Lent Season. The banners were 3’x8′.





Pallet Sign Cardboard Blast

4 responses to “Purple Spread”

  1. Brandon Cook says:

    Great idea. Very classic. Where did you rent the fabric?

    • Drew Hoopingarner says:

      I own an event production company and I attend the church and they rented it from me. Let me know if you would ever like to rent the drapes.

  2. Janet Specht says:

    Does the fabric need to be FR to have up-lighting on it?

  3. Janet Specht says:

    Does the fabric need to be FR in order to have up-lighting on it?

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