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PVC a’Plenty

Charles Harnach from Clearbranch United Methodist Church in Trussville, AL brings us this plentifully PVC’ed design.

This is a design uses 2″ PVC pipe that was zip-tied to metal bracing. The rear incorporated 16 foot sections. To light the set they used LED PAR 64 fixtures.

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8 responses to “PVC a’Plenty”

  1. Tim Jobe says:

    Did you paint the pvc pipes or leave them white? I see you have LEDs shining up on the PVC from below, but was is illuminating the rest of the pvc, giving you that dark blue effect?

    • Jonathan Malm says:

      They’re unpainted. The dark blue glow is simply reflection and diffusion of the light from the cans. :)

  2. How did you remove the markings from the pvc?

  3. Daniel Livingston ( Arc ) says:

    This is creativity at its best.
    Christ Embassy,Jos,Plateau State,Nigeria

  4. Jenny Ramos says:

    how did you make a wall of pvc? is this hanged from the fly?

  5. Larry Yori says:

    What is the spacing in between each PVC pipe?

  6. Daniel Livingston ( Arc ) says:

    Hello,there are no spacing;its just pvc pipes resting on each other certainly connected with line and tied to the top of it actual location.
    Daniel Livingston[Arc]

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