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Rainbow Kids

Shawn Goodson from A Place of Meeting in Hope, AR brings us this stage design based off the Go Fish Praise! VBS curriculum.

The Praise! logo was made out of two pieces of painted foam that they put together. They taped the logo to microphone stands that they set in the baptistry to give it a floating look. Then they took different colored plastic table cloth covers and tacked them to the top of the back stage walls. They let them hang down the wall to give it a colorful, flowing look.

The DJ booth was projected on to foam board and cut out as well as the silhouette break dancers.

The stage was lit with 4 multi color par can 38’s connected to a chase controller. The stage design should have cost about $80, but they reused foam board from previous projects and already had some of the tablecloths. So they ended up spending about $25.

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  1. Gary says:

    Do you have any pics of how you made the praise logo? We keep seing great logo designs like this and we are familiar with foam but we’re not sure how you are cutting out the foam letters with such precision to make them look almost printed? Any help and especially pics would be appreciated!

    Pastor Gary

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