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Raise Your Banner

Steven Summers from Grace Community Church in Detroit, MI brings us this simple stage design with banners.

This was simply a 20 foot by 40 foot banner highlighting the church’s mission funding campaign. The banner was printed with UV ink allowing the text to change color depending on the lighting chosen. 4 additional large banners were added to the top and sides giving statistics for previous years of God’s blessings.





Spruce it Up Strung Darkly

2 responses to “Raise Your Banner”

  1. Caleb Hoskins says:

    Where did you have this printed? We would love to do something like it, using light to change colors on the banner.

  2. That looks gorgeous! And big! At first glance in the first pic I didn’t notice it was a printed banner, it looked like a video on a screen with the way it was lighting up! Very nicely done and cool tip on the UV ink.

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