Stage Designs

Throwback: Raise Your Bars

Jonathan Carone from Two Rivers Church in Lenoir City, TN brings us this great backdrop. (Originally posted December 2012)

They have a few unique stage situations:

  1. An inset stage.
  2. White scrims/curtains instead of black.
  3. They use a center projector but project on scrim instead of a true screen.
  4. Their pastor wants natural light in the building during the service. (Three large windows on one site of their room.

They worked with their Facilities Director to mock-up what they wanted the design to look like. Then they had a retired engineer who loves to do woodwork build the frames for them. They built them almost exactly like the guys from Catch The Fire. After building the frames, they sprayed them with a paint sprayer. It took about an hour to paint all eight frames.

Someone in their church donated six 4′ x 8′ sheets of white Coroplast. They bought two Coro-Claws and  cut the 2″ strips in about 45 minutes (with two people). Then they stapled the 2″ stripes 2″ apart on the frames.

They used some Venue Thinpar64 LEDs from Guitar Center to light them.

After the first weekend, they realized there was too much light shining through onto the back curtain (see it in the second picture below). So they added some black felt to the back of the frames and it took away the cast-off.


  1. $150 – wood for frames
  2. $80 – black felt
  3. $60 – two gallons flat black paint
  4. $0 – Coroplast (normally would’ve been about $90)
  5. $30 – two Coro-Claws

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