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Re: Warmth

Scott Thomson from River of Life in Oroville, CA brings us this big stage refresh.

Scott came on board as a new pastor. Their church had not experienced a change in style since the 70’s. Part of the transformation process included a new design for their stage.

They covered their stage wall with lumber, lights, and fabric textures. The cross was lit up from behind and is plexiglass. The area around the cross was simply plywood with a metallic spray paint. The total cost for the project was very cheap because of some ingenuity, donated lumber, and skilled help.



Ancient City O Crown

5 responses to “Re: Warmth”

  1. Bradley Mccarty says:

    Very nice!

  2. Grace Callaway says:

    Makes me sad.

  3. vusi mpuli says:

    total class

  4. Al K. says:

    Love the transformation!

  5. jay says:

    Well, we were sure glad to get the baptistry covered up. Haven’t baptized anyone since 1970.

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