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Mason McGill from Kingdom Empowerment Christian Church in Dover, Delaware brings us this cool fragmented Coroplast design.

They painted the stage in a flat black ($54) to give them the base for the design. They also purchased 100 sheets of 24×18″ Coroplast ($106.00) and cut them in different sizes and shapes as they designed it all around the cross.

They used eight 86 RGB Stage Light Par DMX-512 for uplighting ($104.95). To complete the look, they mounted flat screens (already owned) on each side as well as hung speakers to make the stage look less cluttered.

Diamonds are a Stage's Best Friend Wide Eyes

12 responses to “Refragmented”

  1. when using coroplast, does it have to be on a dark background? most stages I see with coroplast have painted their backstage black. We have a beige wall so I was wondering if it still had the same affect with having a light background?

  2. Mason McGill says:

    We just use the dark color because it allows us to reflect things off of the coroplast and gives us great use of lights and projection l.

  3. Omar says:

    Como realizaron los cortes? Y que tipo de material es? Papel? Cartón.? Madera?

  4. Oriahi Emmanuel (Nigeria) says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!.

  5. PI says:

    Hello, Mason,

    This is just great!! I love simple but effective designs!

    Please, can you tell me how you attached the coroplast to the wall?

    And do you plan on leaving it like this for a while?

  6. Ryan Henson says:

    How did y’all go about putting them on the wall. Did you put the big pieces up first and then fill with smaller ones or did you have a layout?

  7. Rosana says:

    Oi oq é coroplast ?
    Será q da pra fazer com cartolina ou EVA?

  8. Tani says:

    This design inspired us to change our church stage design in Champaign, IL. Thank you!!

  9. Wuraola says:

    How did you fix in the light.thats where I’m a bit confused. Thanks

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