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Retro Angles

Jeremy from Journey Church in Raleigh, NC brings us this great triangle stage design.


  • Coroplast
  • 1″x 4″ Boards
  • Paint
  • LED tape lights
  • DMX converters
  • LED amplifiers
  • Power supplies for amplifiers and converters
  • American DJ Micro Wash Lights
  • Elation Sixpar
  • Elation Strip Light
  • Elation Opti Quad Par
  • American DJ Can Lights
  • Roscolux 102 Diffusion Gel


They wrapped the LEDs around the wood frames so that they wouldn’t have any cutting of the new tape lights. Unfortunately, you can see the LED diodes when you go to the side of the room. If the had to do this again, they would use smaller wood (2″X2″‘s maybe) and tape the LEDs on the backside of the front triangle.











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4 responses to “Retro Angles”

  1. Tim says:

    Love it! What mapping software do you use?

  2. Jeremy Ginn says:

    Love all the detailed specs and drawings!!!!! Great job!! How much was the total budget?

    • Jeremy says:

      Just in LED tape lights, DMX convertor and amplifiers, we spent around $800. Not including the ceiling lighting and micro washes that we already had, we spent around $1500.

  3. Josh Wyatt says:

    I love this but have a question.

    Why would you need the amplifiers? Couldn’t you just power the decoders with the power supply’s then run the lines to each strip from the decoder?

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