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John Tabor (Zebra Productions) from Restoration Community Church in Denver, CO brings us this broken, ripped stage design.

They wanted a rustic look for Easter. The sheets of plywood they used had been with a production company for the last 10 years so they already had a very worn look. They broke them in half to get the even more rustic, ripped look. They lit it with colors and gobos to bring out more texture and depth.

They added some soft goods (fabrics) to add another texture as contrast.





Arrows and Pallets Tilted, Shifted

4 responses to “Ripped”

  1. Craig Taylor says:

    My ignorance is glaring now, but what is a gobo? Thanks.

  2. Kevin Nerren says:

    A gobo is a light that holds a slide that has a cutout design or logo in it. Good gobo lights will make the design rotate and change colors.

  3. Caleb Ramey says:

    How many fixtures did you use to light the wall?

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