Christmas Designs

Rockin’ Christmas Trees

Jonathan Wood from Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland, TX brings us this Christian banquet design.

From Jonathan: We decided that this years Missions Conference Banquet was going to be VERY different from the previous years. We combined our normal formal banquet with our Christmas celebration to create a one night event. This allowed for far less work on our part and an opportunity to change things up. I decided to go with a whimsical “Whoveille” style stage complete with the Grinch.

All trees were made out of Rigid foam insulation from Home Depot and I constructed a simple wooden stand to hold each one. I had the Trees cut by a CNC friend of mine but they could also be done by projecting the image onto the foam, tracing it out and then cutting. The Curls on the trees were definitely fragile but they were easy to repair…I snapped a few ha! I was originally going to back each piece of foam with lightweight plywood but it turned out to be too expensive for a one time use. If you planned to keep them then it would definitely be worth the investment. after the trees were cut and assembled I just used a wagner sprayer and put a few coats on the front side. Luckily our event hit right around Valentines day and St. Patricks so there were a ton of crazy green and red accessories for us to buy. The glitter dots on the trees are just half round foam pieces from Hobby Lobby that we just painted with the same red/green paint and then completely covered in glitter of the corresponding color. Our snow bank background was just made of pink foam that a friend of the ministry air brushed and glittered as well. We covered the stage with white fabric to avoid painting it and then sprinkled artificial snow everywhere.

The Ornament Centerpieces were just simple rubber balls from Walmart. We painted little “to go” cups sliver to make the ornament top and bent some wire from Home Depot to make the hook. Each one was glued to another “to go” cup that was filled with rocks to keep it stable while it sat inside the wreath.

The Snowflake Centerpieces were Flakes that we had CNC’d. We used clear water based poly on the flakes and then glittered them with the white crystal glitter from Hobby Lobby while the clear was still wet. We then glued them together and put them over a round mirror with a hurricane globe and candle in the center.

If you would like to use these trees for an event I will gladly send you the file.

Photo-Feb-03-4-04-54-PM-1 Photo-Feb-04-2-14-30-PM Photo-Feb-11-10-27-31-AM Photo-Feb-11-12-21-26-PM Photo-Feb-26-2-36-39-PM Photo-Feb-26-2-38-26-PM-1 Photo-Feb-26-2-38-31-PM-1 Photo-Feb-26-2-39-23-PM-1 Photo-Feb-26-2-40-59-PM-1 Photo-Feb-26-3-50-03-PM

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