Stage Designs

Rugged Cross

Pat Miller, Brandon Stephens, and the Stage and Lighting Team from Faithbridge Church in Spring, TX built a new stage backdrop for the fall and Christmas season.

They used some donated wood pallets, a variety of Vintage Edison bulbs, some lumber they had on hand, and a re-purposed cross from a previous backdrop.

They built six pallet columns of varying heights with 2 x 4’s and two donated pallets for each one and then suspended several vintage light bulbs in front of them. Then they cut two 32” circles out of plywood to build vintage bulb “chandeliers” using 32 vintage bulbs on each one suspended with varying lengths of electrical wire.

Next they re-covered the cross from a previous set with strips of wood cut from the pallets that were too damaged to be usable in the columns and supported it in the center of the stage. Then they added the two light bulb “chandeliers” – one on each side of the cross.

All the vintage bulbs were powered with 18 dimmers to give them the ability to build varying looks.

The whole set was washed with LED fixtures from their lighting inventory and a few ETC ellipsoidals with gobos.

Rocking Mountain Most Popular Stages – February 2017