Stage Designs

Scattered Coroplast

David Gilkey from Lifepoint Church in White Plains, KY brings us these scattered Coroplast towers.

They purchased six sheets of 4’x8′ Coroplast from a local sign shop. The sheets cost $20 each, so they spent about $120. They scored the sheets every foot and then folded them to create the tower. They simply held them together with packing tape. They built two 4-foot towers, two 6-foot towers, and two 8-foot towers. They also used the excess Coroplast to make lids on the top. Then they up lit the towers with can lights that they already owned. They also lit the stage with colored gels for their stage lights. Those were ordered online and were relatively cheap.

The two short towers were lit with white light, and the two 8-foot towers were lit with blue. The towers in the back simply caught the stage lighting.




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