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Mallori Reed from Grace Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma brings us this cool segmented design that was remarkably simple to make.

Mallori started by painting their black stage white. From there, she measured and used a laser point to trace horizontal lines across the stage. She then covered the lines with black duct tape. After the lines were finished, she started in the middle top and traced her angled lines to create the design.

Cost: $44 for 5 gallons of white paint, $12 for tape.






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12 responses to “Segments”

  1. Sam says:

    Pure brilliance. Love the symmetry and the way it captures the light

    • Mallori Reed says:

      Thanks Sam! The best part about this stage is that most people automatically assume it’s a fabric that is backlite.

  2. Adam says:

    What intelligent lights are you using? I’m noticing some LED PAR-like lights for the back wall, some scanners, and possibly movers.

  3. Steve says:

    What kind of tape did yall use.

  4. Nick Duke says:

    That looks great!

    What sheen of paint did you use?
    e.g. egg shell, satin..

    • Stephen says:


      While I didn’t help with this, I volunteer in the worship team. Looking at the wall in person it seems to be a Matte/Flat paint.

      We are working on our youth stage right now and are going with a egg shell/Semi Gloss as we are wanting more of a shine effect.

  5. Nick says:

    This ended up working very well for us with a few differences:
    We already had a black wall so we used painters tape and for the negative space then painted over it. Once dry we simply removed the tape.
    We also projected the grid image onto the wall when we were initially taping so that our lines would be straight and consistent across the whole set.

    Brilliant, simple idea Mallori. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mallori Reed says:

      Nick, i’m so glad you enjoyed it. What you did to your stage sounds amazing! I would love to see pictures.

      Be blessed.

  6. Nick Grey says:

    This is so aweosme! We are thinking of doing this this next month.
    Couple questions: did the duct tape leave residue on the wall? I was thinking of maybe using masking or gaffers tape instead. And did you use 3 inch or 2 inch tape?

    • Mallori says:

      Hi Nick! A couple of tips: I just removed the tape to prepare a new design for Easter. 1.No, it did not leave a film. 2. Our original stage was black, except for the middle portion. It was used as a screen, so of course the white paint was a higher quality. 3. That being said, when removing the tape, it did remove the white paint in some areas.
      So use a good paint! Now with gaffers tape, it was heavier and a bit more on cost. The only reason I went with duct tape, is because of the shiny look it had, and it was cheap. And we used the 2 inch.

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