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Simply Stapled

Russell Chandler from Roaring Springs Camp and Retreat Center in Roaring Springs, TX brings us this simply designed stage.

For the summer youth camp season, they bought a bunch of plain white posterboard and stapled them onto the black wood wall at the back of the stage to create the image of a huge equalizer. The stacks were separated by about 6 inches horizontally and an inch vertically.

The posterboard was lit with 6 ADJ Mega TriPar Profile fixtures, which were placed on the floor about 18 inches away from the wall.

The whole thing was accented with some trussing and led par cans. All they had to buy was the posterboard, because they already had all of the lights and trussing.






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2 responses to “Simply Stapled”

  1. israel says:

    Wow it’s so cool but hw can I make a afancy lightin stage without spending much at all

  2. Austin Michael says:

    Nice one Russell pls can u help me in anyway I really crave to know all about stage design and lighting

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