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Snowy City

Vickie Wuellner from Lenexa Christian Center in Lenexa, KS brings us this snowy cityscape.

They modeled the buildings at the back of the stage after the Kansas City skyline. They cut the buildings out of 4’x8′ black foam board sheets and punches holes into them with a Bic pen. Then they put blue LED Christmas lights through the holes. At the tallest point, the buildings were 16′ tall.

They hung black curtains for covering the back wall and built a wood frame out of 1″ X 2″ boards 16′ long to mount the city for the main set. The shorter side panels were mounted on black banner stands.

The light boxes were made for a different set and reused. They were made out of 1″ X 2″ boards, and fluorescent lens covers. The set cost $300 to accomplish.

Air Filtered Mark Those Pallets

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  1. rene rodriguez says:

    how did you make the squares light up?

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