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L’Ray Klafka from Aldersgate in Lubbock, TX brings us this fun kids design.

They started with three solid Coroplast sections that they left uncolored, but let the lights color. The other two sections were white Coroplast covered with strips of colored duct tape. For a 3D element, they hung 300 Slinkies from the ceiling over the kids seating section using a chain link fence as the hanging medium.





He and She Warning Tape

5 responses to “Sproing!”

  1. Ben says:

    This is great! Where did you guys get your slinkys from?

  2. Jake says:

    Where did you guys purchase the sheets of plastic from? and how did you hang them?

    • L'Ray says:

      We got the coroplast from home depot. FYI paint will not stick to them (learned that the hard way lol) We used nails in the corners to hang them.

  3. Rod Chaulk says:

    Hey great design. what colour was the coroplast that you duct taped. I see thing black between each colour of the duct tape is that the coroplast or tape.

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