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Stack Sections

Joel Mevis from Gateway Life Church in Nashville, TN brings us their first stage design from a growing church.

The budget was $225, but they used less than $150.

First Joel built the 8’x8′ boxes out of 2″x4″s and secured them to the ceiling against the back wall.

Then he built 4’x6′ rectangles out of 2″x4″s along with legs for support. These were used to keep the congregation from straying too far off to the side of the stage. Then he painted them flat black.

He got Coroplast cut in to 1-foot sections. The back wall was 1 foot x 8 foot pieces, the fronts were 1 foot x 4 foot. Then he screwed them to the 2″x4″ frames.

He lit them with incandescent Par 38s. They went and picked up some new Gels too. They’re working on getting LED pars but happy to use what they have. They are only using 2 colors with their lighting board but it allows them to get mulitpul effects and fades.








Walled Hung Rustic

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  1. Chris says:

    Well done. Don’t worry about what you don’t have. So glad to see you utilizing what you do have! great job!

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