Stage Designs

Throwback: Stacked Triangles

Sean Bolinger from Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, WA brings us this stacked triangles stage design. (Originally posted November 2013)

This was their stage design for their Celebrate 2013 Women’s conference and also their fall season stage design. The graphic for the conference had triangles all over it so Sean decided to start there.

They created the triangles out of 1/2″ plywood and painted all the pieces white. The side triangles were four different sized triangles that were spaced apart by a 6″ piece of wood. And in between each piece they put a RGB LED strip light.

The center piece was built as two halves and on the face they made a “T” sticking off the front, made out of 1″x6″ and on the inside of that “T” they put in the same RGB LED strips. The two center pieces were also on a track system so they could open and close it for special entrances during the conference and also for load in and out from their garage door behind the center piece. The center was also not a complete triangle, after it passed the bottom of the projector screen it cut off so they wouldn’t have to waste material that wouldn’t be seen.

They also hung 40 strands of Christmas lights hooked up to a dimmer on the dark sides of the screen. They spent $1000 on the LED strips/DMX controller/Power supply and $700 on all the other supplies.







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