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Jeff Abbott from Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI brings us this stack of mixed medium.

Jeff’s goal was to use several different textures to reflect the light differently…and to use the 4×8 panel sections themselves to create a “bigger” pattern across their stage. He also wanted to create something that could serve as a stand alone “art piece” when not lit.

The panels were constructed from 2×2’s, Coroplast (white) & 1/4″ threaded rod. There were 10 different smaller panels on each 4×8 panel. The smaller panels were all at different heights from the base, increasing the shadows cast and adding to the depth of the piece. The different textures used were: Burlap, 2 different florescent light covers, wrinkled screen, 2 colors of paint & a metal gutter cover. The small panel sections were held in place with nuts, washers and zip ties. The panels were lit from 2 directions with LED’s. The large center panels were left white and one of the lights focused on it to give a strong color blast in the middle of each 4×8 panel.

Each 4×8 panel cost around $120 each and uses 1-1/2 sheets of Coroplast. They had the panels installed in their large auditorium and in their smaller venues that do not use theatrical lighting. One panel on each side of the platform looks great.

As usual, if someone would like a copy of the design, please email Jeff at

Fishers Tape Burst

5 responses to “Stacked”

  1. Tom Clark says:

    Wow. I really like this.

    Could you tell us how your center screens are set up?

  2. Steven Hall says:

    Jeff, Wow! You and your team did an amazing job on this. I am blown away at the great depth and contrast you created. Outstanding job! Your church family is really blessed to have such a creative designer in their midst. Keep up the great work for the Kingdom.

    PS. I would love to use this amazing idea in the future.


  3. Serene Tang says:

    Caught my eye in an instant. Love it. As Steven has said, the depth and contrast is just “wowzer”. Im gonna use my eyes and plagerise (credit to you of course). Your design has definitely sparked some ideas.


  4. Greg Ashley says:

    Totally amazing!! Love the contrast and the ability maximize the use of creative lighting. This design is very visually appealing and creates an amazing atmosphere.

    Do mind sharing what the cost of this project? Thanks for providing a great inspiration!

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