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Stagger Box

Russ Lusk from Capstone Church in Fort Worth, TX brings us these staggered light boxes.

They were inspired by Air Filtered for a benefit concert they held. They took the towers and combined them into a staggered wall surrounding the drum cage. The Chauvet LEDs behind the walls made for a great back splash. Their senior pastor liked them so much they kept them for future services.





Towers of Love Rippled

3 responses to “Stagger Box”

  1. Dale says:

    I love the look and the lighting behind. I can imagine our cans that change color behind them. How did you connect them together?

  2. A++ This Is Awesome! Great To See My Design other places! Benjamin. – Creator of AirFiltered

  3. Conner Byrd says:

    This looks great! I’m curious- did you make the columns like in AirFiltered or did you make it a staggered wall? This concept would work well for us but I’m curious if we’d need to make the actual boxed pillar or if it’d work well enough just with the front. I don’t have the option right now to light from within but could use our floor par cans to light from behind. I do have a couple LEDs I could use if necessary as well. Was curious though as to how much light these let through them.

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