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Jessica Herzanek from Rocky Mountain Christian Church in Niwot, CO brings us these butcher paper stalactites.

They started their design by buying $50 worth of butcher paper. They spent about 2 hours preparing for the design by rolling out appropriate lengths, cutting triangle shapes, then crumpling them to get the texture.

Then they hopped on a ladder and hung the eight triangles using string hung from their front lighting rig. The also added six crumpled lengths of paper to the back of the stage off their back lighting rig. (The hanging and light positioning took them about 2 days to complete.)

Scattered Slats The UFO

3 responses to “Stalactites”

  1. Henry says:

    Love the texture and depth created by the shapes and colors. What did you use the light them and how large is your stage? (length, depth, height). Random question, what flooring material is the stage made of? (carpet, etc..)


    • Thank you Henry!

      We have a handful of Mac 250’s and 700’s that light our stage.

      The length of the stage is: Depth 25ft, Height: 30ft, Length: 45ft (rough estimates)

      The floor is a dark treated concrete.

      Also this stage is not the Niwot, CO campuses it’s actually our Frederick, CO campus.

  2. Ibelis says:

    Did you do anything to flame proof the paper at all?

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