Special Event Design

Straight on Till Morning

Paul Smollen from La Croix United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau, MO brings us this journey to Never Never Land.

They wanted to encapsulate the idea of “Keep on Keeping on” by using a quote from Peter Pan for their series title.

So they hung two strands of light sockets at the very back of their stage in front of a black curtain with various length drops soldered onto them. There were 25 on each strand and they alternated them between the spaces between each other at about 2′ spacing and random heights. They used clear 6w bulbs from a company called 1000bulbs. Then they hung 3-15′ wide panels of non-woven fabric – similar to weed block from a company called Studio Productions and weighted the bottoms to make them hang straight.

They used two more single bulbs, each on their own dimming channels so they could have some varying brightness. The last two bulbs were the brightest ones and in the middle of the drop to make the “second star on the right”.

They washed the upstage in blue, projected a faint cloud gobo pattern on the non-woven hanging and shot some gobo patterns onto the floor behind the speaker for depth. They carefully adjusted the lighting to just a flicker of light and the diffusion of the non woven material made a beautiful star effect.

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