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Joshua Scott from Midland Evangelical Free Church in Midland, MI brings us this lovely set of string trees.

To create this set, they used Uline white cotton twine for the string trees, quilt batting for the snow, and trees they cut down. For lights, they put 1 RGB LED par can in the center of the tree. All of the ideas came from differ sets they saw on this site. To make the trees, they put a pear ring suspended from a span set. For the base, they took PVC pipe and used connectors to make a circle. The string was tied on to the pipe passed through the pear ring and tied on the other side. It averaged out to be around 2,000′ of string per tree. They had 6, 8, and 10 foot diameter trees. They where 14, 16, and 18 feet tall.










Shaped Up Textured Separation

24 responses to “Stringy”

  1. Alex Robinson says:


  2. Michael R. says:

    I would love to know the ply you use as well…… I think my wife will love this for our OWN Christmas decorations!

  3. Luke says:

    Hey there! love this set! what did you use as the base? Is that a giant hula hoop? let me know when you can!

  4. Luke says:

    hey there! what did you happen to use for the base? giant hula hoop?

  5. Robin says:

    Did you assemble it there on stage, throwing it up through the pear ring each time? If so, how long did it take?

  6. Ryan says:

    What gauge pvc pipe did y’all use and also how many coupler did you use in each pvc pipe circle?

    • Josh Scott says:

      Not sure, the smallest stuff we could get probably. You need to be able to bend it by hand. The number of couplers will depend on the size of your circle you want. If we made them again we would cut the pipes to all the same length. When we did it we left all of them the full length and cut the extra off the last pipe to make the circle the right size.

      Using the radius of the circle you want figure out the circumference =2πr. Divide that by the number of pipes you want to use and cut the pipes to that length.

  7. Approximately how far did you distance each strand of string on the hoop?

  8. Gretchen says:

    What size of the pear rings did you use? Also what did you use to suspend the pear ring?

    • Josh Scott says:

      I don’t remember what size but just about anyone would work, I just used that size because we had it. We used a black span-set around a roof truss to hold the pear ring.

  9. What did you use for the fake snow on the bases of things?

  10. Jordan Grogan says:

    Do you know what model LED light you used? They must’ve been pretty bright for just one to be able to light up one tree.

    • Josh Scott says:

      They were one of the Colorkey led Par cans with the 3 watt leds. Sorry I don’t remember the model number but just a low end LED can. You can see them in the pictures,


      • Natalie Ezabele says:

        Hi Josh, I’m Natalie Ezabele. My team is currently working for a nonprofit organization and we would like to discuss with you some options for a string art installation piece on the day of their event. Please feel free to email me at

  11. Lauren says:

    Thank you for this!! We tried it ourselves for our carols and it was a huge success!!!

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