Stage Designs

Strip That Down

Chris Barbee from Piedmont Church in Macon, GA brings us this stripped down stage. (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

For their “Stripped” series they wanted to literally do that. So they planned acoustic worship sets and wanted a very simple but impactful look. They decided to get some 6×4 ft. pieces of cardboard and cut out letters using a font we liked (Bebas Neue). They mounted the letters on 2×4” pieces of wood to give the stability and then ran flower wire from one end of the stage to other at the top of the letters to ensure that each letter was even with the next. They mounted these letters on the top tier of their stage in front of their pallet wall for a nice farmhouse look. They backlit the letters with some LED lights to give it a slight glow.

In all it cost them very little. They had a local connection with the letters, so they paid about $50 for everything.

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