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Strips and Dots

Daniel from Celebration Church in Edmonton, Alberta brings us this lovely use of LED panels.

From Daniel: We wanted to hang some lights on our back wall, but we didn’t have the rigging to do it, so what we needed for a cheaper rigging solution was:

  • electrical conduit
  • 1/8th” aircraft cable
  • clamps for aircraft cable
  • turnbuckles
  • black spray paint (optional but recommended)

I drilled holes in the electrical conduit just big enough for the aircraft cable to fit through, then we looped the aircraft cable around a structural pole that’s attached to our stage trusses using the clamps. Then once again using the clamps, I put the aircraft cable through the electrical conduit to the desired height and put clamps underneath it (Both the clamps and the aircraft cable were rated to just over 350 pounds). After that we attached the aircraft cable to the turnbuckle, then the turnbuckle to the stage. And tensioned it. Spray painted it black. Then hung up our lights! We decided on a wall of 24 par(64)cans, we got all 24 of them used and for $750CAD including extra 1000 watt bulbs, when we got them they were chrome so we spray painted them black. In total this ran us around $1600CAD including all the power cable and building materials. This can be used for hanging anything you want! Just remember, the heavier the object, the higher rated cable and clamps you need. hope this helps someone!

Here’s a look at what the wall of par(64)cans looks like in between our LED wall!








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  1. Trey says:

    Where did you buy the Led wall?

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