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Shawn Walden from Genesis Church in Tallahassee and Atlanta brings us this set that’ll make musicians sweat.

They built this using standard masonry scaffolding. They tightly wrapped a white bed sheet behind each section. Then they lit the sheets using 4 LED strips. They added paper plates in a grid pattern on the back wall behind the scaffolding and lit that up as well. Other lights used were Par 64’s and 5 Intelligent Lights.

They didn’t tell the drummer about this set until she got to rehearsal…

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5 responses to “Sturdy”

  1. Justin Hall says:

    Yea, the drummer is my wife. She had no clue until she saw where the drums were set up. Facial expression = priceless. Oh, and I’m the bassist on the top. The height wasn’t too bad. Just don’t close your eyes while playing. Freaky feeling. Great stage design though!

    • hunter says:

      that is amazing!! do you know how much it cost to do that backdrop?

      • Shawn Walden says:

        Thanks Hunter, the bed sheets were roughly $15 each from (purchased @ Walmart). I used 6 of them so $90 on bed sheets, $150 on scaffolding rental, and maybe $30 on plates. The plates were actually for a set design for a series we were in and rather take them down I just used w/ the Sturdy set up. So I spent a whopping $270 on those items. Hope this helps, if not feel free to contact me @

  2. Phil Shirley says:

    With over 25yrs as a professional in the Entertainment and Worship Technology fields I don’t see this as a very wise set, scaffolds with musicians on them, as far as safety goes. Seems the church would be put into an unnecessary liability situation. This type of set, even for professionals, should be discussed with a professional who can assess and suggest ideas for risk management. This is a VERY RISKY set design. If someone fell off of the scaffolding it could cause VERY SERIOUS injuries or DEATH. Not only could the church be held liable but also the set-designer and anyone else who approved the design.


    • Shawn Walden says:

      Hi Phil, I agree that safety is the first and most important thing. I too have many years as a certified technology specialist covering everything from installation to live production (theater and music) and want to assure you that as many precautionary measures as we could think of as a church in conjunction with other professionals and riggers were taken. There was actually a great deal of extra bracing and support to prevent in wiggles and structural malfunctions. I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone attempt to do anything like this w/o making the safety of everyone the #1 priority.

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