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Techno Wild Wild West

Steven Hall from in Norman, OK brings us this stage design for an annual event for kids called VBX.

Their 2014 event was called the Wild West Show.

They created a realistic wild west town on their main stage. This year they looked at lots of different builds that they could do and were trying to overcome a shortage of help. In the process of looking for ideas, they found a scenic company in Dallas that owned pretty much everything they wanted to build. After some budget finagling and some compromise on both ends, they ended up being able to rent 80% of their set for VBX from shag carpet rentals.

The set pieces were made to setup quickly and all held together with coffin locks and scenic jacks. They also had great frosted windows that they lit individually. The entire stage set was setup in less than 4 hours. The set flats were made of Luan, 1x4s, and paint. The windows were made of wax paper and furing strips.

At the culmination of the drama teaching, their villain character robbed the bank. They used strobes, confetti, cannons, and some great sound effects to make a very realistic explosion. Part of the awesome explosion can be seen in the recap video.

Additional pics and info at Steven Hall’s blog.


IMG_6501  IMG_6545


IMG_6579 IMG_6584




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2 responses to “Techno Wild Wild West”

  1. Mike says:

    Great job with the lighting !

  2. The lighting is so cool although I am not sure that it does the set true justice. But this is a children’s show so anything goes!

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