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The Stained Cross

Josh Carpenter from RisenChurch in Dexter, Missouri brings us these stained glass crosses.

They created 2 “stained glass” panels by taping their design on Coroplast then using an exacto knife to make clean edges. For the second panel they laid it on top of the first one to tape it off so they were sure to match. They painted them with stained glass spray paint and a few colors were just regular spray paint. They built frames for them and then backlit them with LED lights.








Strings and Squares Vitruvian

3 responses to “The Stained Cross”

  1. Martha Rodriguez says:

    These are really great and look professionally done. Great job, Josh.

  2. ayanfe( D'srs ) says:

    good one

  3. Brett Pavia says:

    Love this! Hope to make this set for our ministry. Thanks for the inspiration.

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