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The Tubes

Diane Chesnutt at Saint James United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL brings us this fun use of crinkled plastic wrap.

They made 7 tubes for this design. Each tube was made of two pieces of corrugated clear Plexiglas (like you would you for the roof to cover a patio). They used three 12’ tubes, two 8’ tubes and two 6’ tubes.

They riveted the plexiglass together. Before riveting the second side – the tube was lined with “Press and Seal:” wrap that had been crinkled up. Then the second side was riveted. The base for each tube was made out of a Sonotube concrete form. The 24” Sonotube fit the Plexiglas tube perfectly. Total cost of the set $437.

Then they lit the tubes.

Projection and Candles Packed Christmas

4 responses to “The Tubes”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    Amazing Idea! Keep up the great work for God’s Glory!


  2. Dan Rector says:

    What do you use to light the tubes?

  3. Taylor Drain says:

    We did a very similar thing at my church! The patio roofing material works great for this, I totally agree. We used Optima Lighting PAR64B LED cans placed under the pillars. We made half pillars by drilling into the fiberglass and into the wall behind it. Also placed a piece of coroplast on top of each one to reflect light back down the pillar and also to to contain the light within the fixture.

  4. Bunmi says:

    Thanks alot. keep up d great work. God bless

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