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The Wall

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this this cool curved wall behind their stage.

The panels, made out of extruded fiberglass, were cut in 6 different sizes with a 7 degree angle around the edge for the first half inch and then with a 45 degree cut for the other inch. The 7 degree angle aloud them to wrap the panel with Muslin fabric without rounding the edges too much while still allowing the panels to butt up with one another. The 45 degree angle then gave them the desired beveled edge that creates the shadows and lines of the design. (All this precision cutting was done by Matt Borbi)

The fabric was sprayed with super 77 glue. The panel was then put on the fabric and the fabric was wrapped to the back and stapled into the fiberglass. The panels were attached to the backbone structure using Snap-on Anchors from Rotofast.

The backbone structure was made out of ¾” ply and cut using a precision CNC router operated by Matt Borbi. They constructed the framing in-house by taking the two backbone pieces and using 2×4’s constructed the horizontal and diagonal supports.

The door pieces were constructed on top of a piece of ¾” ply with 5” casters. A 2”OD Pipe was flanged to the floor making the pipe static and the doors were equipped with two ball bearing flanges that allowed the door to sit on the static floor mounted pipe and pivot only on the ball bearings inside the flanges. This method was chosen because it ensured that the doors would easily line back up with the rest of the wall every time.

The lights were all hung off T-joint pipe dead hung off of the truss using cheesboro clamps to attach the pipe to the truss.


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2 responses to “The Wall”

  1. andrew cass says:

    Great Look!!! Do you have anymore pictures that may show the back of your stage design?

  2. Justin Williamson says:

    This looks great! Id also like to see more on how it was made. Great look though, very fluid!

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