Easter Designs

Thorns and Hope

Chase Austin from Champions Community Church in Houston, TX brings us this logo featuring a crown of thorns.

Their Easter 2013 design was their take on the “A Crowning Achievement” design. They created the crown the same way as prescribed in their description – the only difference was they hung it vertically. To do this, they created a round frame out of wood, roughly the size of the crown, and hung it with 100lb test cable from the frame.

They had the idea of using the crown as the “O” in the word “hope”. They created the additional letters out of Coroplast and wood. They cut the letters out of Coroplast first and then created wood frames, using 12 foot planks. They cut the planks longways into 2 inch sections and then notched out the inside of each cut plank, to accommodate the Coroplast letters. Once they were painted black they fit the letters into each frame. The letters were rather light so they hung them using a combination of I-hooks (on the wood frame), S-hooks (in the ceiling) and 40lb fishing line.

Once everything was hung they created a mask in ProPresenter, to allow projection on the letters H, P and E. They also lit them from above with American DJ Mega Bars (2 on each letter). They lit the crown with a combination of Mega Bars and Venue Thinpar 64’s.







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