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CJ Walters from Revive in Dry Ridge, KY brings us this design for Operation Christmas Child.

From CJ: Our church is always very active in the Operation Christmas Child program put on by Samaritan’s Purse every year. We decided to do a sermon series and stage design during the month of October to get people excited and involved.

For the set we started by turning our drum cage into a 7 ft x 7ft x 14 ft shoe box. We framed up the box with 2 x 4’s added plywood and painted it green. The lid was made using (3) 2 x 8 x 14, 2 x 8’s – that were donated by a church member they had laying in their barn. We cut one of the boards in half and had our 3 sided lid, we attached the 2 sides to the back of the box and suspended the lid using chain and attaching it to our trusses in our building. We purchased a tarp and stretched it tight on the lid and stapled the perimeter. We then painted the tarp red to match the lid. The tarp was tight enough to use a roller.

Once we had our shoe box and lid we started adding life size items that you can put in the OCC boxes to the box and tried to get the look that they were exploding out of the box. We had 7 ft pencils – used 2 inch pvc and a pvc cap and then painted them the color of a pencil. Markers – used 4 inch pvc, cut them at 5 ft and then painted the tops of them and glued on paper logos. We had several members in the church let us borrow some items they had – large plastic dino, power wheel jeep, giant stuffed bear. A large paddle ball was created and using a projector and a 4 x 8 piece of 1/2 inch plywood. We cut out the projected paddle, our local middle school art class painted the logo on this as part of their community project. We added a line from a jump rope and pink rubber ball. We hung all of the items using 30 lb. test fishing line. We added some Christmas lights and called it good.

Overall the set cost less than $100. We had to buy some paint, a tarp and some PVC caps, etc. The build took about 4 partial days to complete working a couple of hours each day. The build could have been done in a day or day and a half.

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