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Tri Filters

Isaiah Mays from Calvary Temple in St. Charles, Missouri brings us these triangular air filter towers.

They built these triangular stacks out of 20x20x1 air filters from Fleet Farm ($0.57 each). Using black duct tape, they built each box seperately, taping three air filters together in a triangle. Then they stacked each box on top of each other, however high they wanted them. Everyone was surprised at how sturdy the stacks were just taping them together.

They used Venue LED ThinPar64 lights ($99 each) inside of each stack. They cut triangles out of the boxes that the air filters came in, wrapped them in aluminum foil and taped them to the top of each stack to reflect the light back.

They used a Enttec Open DMX USB interface ($70) and Freestyler DMX (free download) to control the lighting. The only problem they ran into was that the lights were 3-pin DMX and the Enttec interface was a 5-pin, so they had to buy a 3-pin to 5-pin adapter.

The overall cost was around $1100.


Filters –
Lights –
USB to DMX Interface –
Cables –
3 to 5-pin Converter –
Freestyler –







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10 responses to “Tri Filters”

  1. Tyler Sanchez says:

    Not familiar with freetyler, how does it work and does it take the place of a controller? Does it work with any lights?

  2. Isaiah Mays says:

    Freestyler is great for all the basics. You do not need a controller with it, just a DMX to USB interface. It works with almost every light out there!

    • Tyler Sanchez says:

      Does the interface come with the all cords necessary to connect to the computer. I clicked on the link that is in this post above for the interface they used, is that all i will need to purchase?

  3. Isaiah Mays says:

    Yes, the interface comes with the needed wires. The only issue I ran into was the lights I used were 3-pin DMX and the interface was 5-pin so I had to buy a converter to change it.

  4. Kevin Howell says:

    How may pars are in each stack and how are they placed?

  5. Suranjith says:

    How to align lights to this boxes?

  6. Kiefer Likens says:

    How many interfaces did you have? Or how do multiple lights plugin to the one adapter?

  7. Jaun says:

    Is there any similar type of materials for the filters. Or where are they used for i am in south africa and not sure where to find these filters

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