Kids/Youth Designs

Unda Tha Sea

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this oceany stage design that’ll make you imagine Sebastian the crab breaking into song.

The fish, seahorses and turtles were traced out on scrap styrofoam pieces using a projector and cut out with a razor knife.

The coral was a combination of a weed on the side of the road spray painted, chicken wire, fun noodles and tissue paper and more styrofoam cut outs.

The seaweed was discarded damaged styrofoam sheets marked down at the home improvement store and painted with donated or left over paint.

The starfish were foamed from chicken wire and zip ties, Christmas lights and tissue paper.

The sandy bottom was marked down material in a fabric dept. at only .99 cents a yard.

Total Cost $41.00

Est. Time 26hrs






Drippy Layered Light