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Vines Overtaking

The Stage Design Team from Victory Highway Wesleyan Church in Painted Post, NY used their Rotated Pallet design that had been constructed in the fall and re-purposed it for Christmas by adding the following features:

1. They purchased an 8′ metal wreath frame (the frame consists of 5 separate sections and the sections were decorated independent of one another and then assembled so they could later be disassembled and stored as 5 separate sections) and covered it with evergreen garland and finished it off with white berry garland and Christmas lights.
2. Inside the wreath they hung a cross that their team leader, Dave Homer, made out of leftover barn wood from a previous stage design. He used brads and a hot glue gun to attach the rope to the cross which helped it stand out from the black scrim behind it. They used ADJ LED strip lights to back light and front light the cross.
3. Evergreen garland and ivory berry garland was placed on the pallets.
4. Live Norfolk pine trees were placed downstage to bring some realism to the stage and were decorated with Christmas lights.
5. ADJ LED strip lights were used to light the front of the pallets and ADJ LED pars were used to light the black walls behind the pallets to add depth and contrast to the staging.





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  1. devin says:

    How did you attach the stacked pallets to the stage, or did you hang them?

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