Stage Designs

Wafer Walls

Another design from Duke Dejong when he worked at First Assembly of God in Cedar Rapids, IA. The main element of the design is the wafer wall panels rented from Atomic Design. Using the wafer wall panels, they created a 12’x 10′ projection surface in the center with 8′ x 8′ surfaces on either side.

The beauty of the wafers is the curved design. It lets you light it from different angles to catch different portions of the panels. The whole design was brought together and supported using about 100′ of 1′ box truss.  The lighting package that was used was 20 LED fixtures, 14 moving head SGM Giotto fixtures, Source 4 lights for front lighting, and a few crowd blinders.

Duke Dejong:

Dinosize Your Stage Good Grief, Charlie Hall