Stage Designs

Throwback: Wallpaper Your Stage

Alex Alexander at Lake Hills Church in Austin, Texas found these awesome wallpaper bits from MIO called PaperForms.

They attached the PaperForms to a wall consisting of 4 individual sections on a 15′ diameter curve. Each section of the wall is 6′ (w) x 8′ (h) and constructed of 2″ x 4″ frame with Luan plywood forming the curved wall. Since the tiles from Mio are 12″ x 12″, they laid out a grid on each wall using double sided carpet tape.

After all the tiles were placed on each section in a random sort of pattern, they shot it with a coat of white latex primer (about 2.5 gallons).

To light the walls they used 4 Chauvet COLORado Batten 72 LED’s. Plus when they get bored with the unified wall, they’ll be able to separate the sections and move them around the stage to create new looks.

Also notice how cool the PaperForms look on camera.

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